Saturday, 7 August 2010

Who Invented Fish 'n' Chips

In the United Kingdom, fish and chips became a cheap food popular among the working classes with the rapid development of trawl fishing in the North Sea in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1860, the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Jewish proprietor Joseph Malin who married together "fish fried in the Jewish fashion" with chips, while a Mr Lees pioneered the concept in the North of England in Mossley, Greater Manchester in 1863.

Who Invented the Scissors

Modern cross blade scissors were invented in ancient Rome around 100 AD, and were used by clothes makers and barbers. The invention of scissors that can be traced back to the earliest use of the lever was first described by Archimedes around 260 BC. Scissors made of one piece of metal were most likely invented about 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Researchers have found in ancient Egyptian ruins an early pair of scissors. Common use of scissors did not become popular until quite a bit later about the 1500s in Europe.